Superheroes For Your Team

Strengthen your existing team.
Our employees are highly skilled specialists Full-time, part-time.
We are flexible.

Meet Candidates

Talk to engineers that you want to work with before signing up

Don’t Bother With Management

We handle Payroll, office space, vacations, legal, training, and all other management

Work Safely

Enjoy stable and reliable cooperation with our signed guarantee for the entire duration of your contract

Knights At Your Service

A bad performing employee will negatively impact the other employees they are around, could drive down sales, and could cost a business a lot of unnecessary expenses.

Employees not only deal with customers on a regular basis but also are the essential cogs in the machine when it comes to delivering goods and providing any relevant services. By hiring the right person – the business will move in a positive direction and will become more successful in the future

Choose Setup That Works For You

Successful experience with a supplier is a result of thorough planning and sound strategy development. To devise an effective strategy, it is essential to be aware of the possible difficulties that each cooperation model can bring about.


Dedicated Employee

8/5 at your service

  • Full-time assignment
  • Works in your timezone
  • Under your direct management

External Consultant

4-6 hours per day at your service

  • Part-time assignment
  • Negotiatable work hours
  • Special agreements

Flexible agreement

Talk to us to find best that works for you

  • Flexible assignment
  • Flexible work hours
  • Flexible agreements

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