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Building remote teams for established companies and startups. 
.NETCross-platform mobile and Angular are our core focus. 
We apply flexible approach.

Choose office

Right office location is crucial, and we help you to find the most suitable location

Sign contract

You do your business. We take care of everything else

Work Safely

Enjoy stable and reliable cooperation with our signed guarantee for the entire duration of your contract

Your Own Office Space

You can equip your own rooms according to your own taste. Or entrust this business to us and adhere to our corporate corporate style.

Companies with a remote staff could save money. That’s what Cisco found in their 2009 survey of nearly 2,000 employees. “The company has generated an estimated annual savings of $277 million in productivity by allowing employees to telecommute and telework.” It’s reasonable to see why. Instead of paying rent for a huge downtown location, for example, companies can opt for a smaller office. A smaller space means reduced costs on utilities and equipment, not to mention fewer supplies for the kitchen and bathroom.


Dedicated Office

24/7 at your service

  • Separated space or building
  • Complete security
  • Under your direct management

Part of the office

24/5 at your service

  • Separated room
  • Office space branding
  • Special agreements

Flexible agreement

Talk to us to find best that works for you

  • Flexible space
  • Flexible access hours
  • Flexible agreements

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